The premier music system designed by Brent Thomas Mills

- Music Director for over 90 Competitive Dance Events each year -

just for dancers!


Whether you run a studio, teach independently, or just want to practice,


will help you organize, edit, and play your music

with no fuss, no bother!


 Keep your music organized by style and dance 

Fade your songs at a predetermined length 

Create a practice round at a custom length 

Edit and save your songs quickly

Create and save a playlist for the perfect party 



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*Our trial version includes a fully functional, unlocked version of the software

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It's finally here!!!! What you've all been waiting for:

MusicMillsLIVE! -

live streaming dance music

curated by Brent Thomas MIlls,

Music Director for 80+ Dance Competitions each year

Subscriptions now available on the next tab or

directly through  your MusicMills Studio Software


Gotta keep moving?  

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