Your Music - Your Way

Your dance music is important - to you, your students, your staff and your business


Wouldn't it be great if it was always organized, easily accessed, and completely editable, without bother or fuss?  Well, now it can be!


Start by making MusicMills your studio player - really - you can call it whatever you'd like, so it's your name that's displayed front and center on every device playing music in your studio!


It's easy to select the songs you want from your computer, and drag them into the predesignated MusicMills folders -- or you can create your own custom folders to organize Your Music Your Way!

Now, you can select songs directly from your dance folders, one at a time or select a number of songs, and click Add to Cue.


Or you can simply drag songs to your Cue list 


Or have MusicMills pick a song for you by selecting Quick Pick!

Do you want all the songs you play to be the same length?  Fade out for a certain amount of time?


Just select all the items in your Cue List, and click on Edit - then set your music to play your way!


You can even save your edits song by song - or list by list!

Want to practice full rounds without hours of music preparation?  It's easy in MusicMills!


Select the style you want, and you can choose your own songs or have MusicMills QuickPick for you.


Set your song length, the length of the break between dances, and the length of your fade.  Add your new round to the Cue List, hit play, and

dance away!  Your Practice, Your Way!

-And, of course, you can change the speed of a song without affecting the pitch!

MusicMills will allow you to change the speed up to a whopping 40% slower or faster!


Here's what else you can do with MusicMills:

  • Move songs up and down in your Cue List
  • Create separate folders and log-ins for each User in your studio
  • Create a list of Favorite songs for each User
  • Create and save Party Playlists
  • Edit a song for speed, fade in, fade out and save it - without leaving your player!
  • See who put a song in the Cue List
  • Check the play history for the last few hours or days - whatever you prefer
  • Use double player decks if you want
  • Record and play Studio Announcements at your convenience
  • Limit the number of times a single song can be played in a designated time period


Put MusicMills in Ambience Mode, and your studio will always have music playing!


with MusicMills, it's always

Your Music - Your Way!